Goals for My Next Term

My next term, I am going to be focused on many of the things important to our community such as maintaining essential services (fire, police, parks, etc) – but also work diligently to improve our community.


Transparent Government and Resident Involvement in City Decisions

During my first term, we improved transparency for our residents and made information about the city more readily available.  We started live streaming city council meetings and expanded notification requirements for neighborhood development projects.  But we can do more!  For example, let’s create an interactive budget website so residents can see where dollars are spent more easily.  And let’s post campaign contributions online in easy to read formats.

Additionally, we need to engage residents in every city decision.  For example, residents should have an opportunity to provide input to the City Council on things like traffic safety and park development.  We need to do more to encourage and welcome resident participation and input.


Lower Electric Rates

Electricity in Rocklin is too expensive and not competitive with neighboring jurisdictions.  We must look at ways to lower the costs – whether it is buying cheaper electricity through Pioneer or replacing PG&E as our electric provider, there are many options we can look at to provide more financial stability for households in Rocklin.


More Partnerships with Schools

One of the reasons many Rocklin residents moved here is because of the quality of our schools.  With such a high-performing school district and several educational options available to residents, people are willing to pay a premium to live in our community.  Not only do our students benefit, but so do our property values.  I want our schools to succeed and our students to flourish – so we must look at additional avenues to augment what schools are doing and work to partner more closely with them (recreation programs for sports and music, sharing venue space, etc).


Complete Whitney Park Phase II and Expand Trails

I was proud to support the purchase of the former Rocklin Golf Club (now Sunset Whitney Recreational Area).  I’d like to see us open the second half of the park and trails expeditiously so residents can enjoy scenic walks and workouts.  Additionally, we MUST finish our final community park – Whitney Community Park.  Whether it is adding baseball fields, laying additional turf for sports or a community swimming pool, it is time we engage residents to seek out their desires and get the park finished for our kids (and adults) to enjoy).


Stabilize and Improve Quarry Park Adventures

Quarry Park Adventures is a unique asset to our city. It brings in tens of thousands of people per year into our city that pay sales taxes in Rocklin at our restaurants and other local businesses.  But the road to get the park up and running was filled with bumps along the way.  As a city council member and former Mayor, I voted against reprehensible cost overruns on Quarry Park Adventures and an operating agreement that does not return enough to the residents.  That said, I am optimistic at the prospects of the park and we must be laser focused on fixing any issues moving forward.


Fiscal Sustainability, Especially In Light of COVID-19

COVID-19 will impact the city budget for years to come.  Our City has maintained a high-level of service without increasing taxes and I expect to continue that tradition. While we have produced a balanced budget every year I have been on the City Council and maintained a 25% reserve (many agencies go as low as 3%), we have to watch our spending and ensure we can continue to support our police, fire, parks and recreational programs.