Hello!  I am pleased to run for re-election to the Rocklin City Council.  Originally elected in 2016, I have consistently fought to enhance the quality of life for Rocklin residents.  My first term on the City Council included efforts to increase funding for fire, police and parks while opposing millions of dollars in tax and fee increases and tackling some of the most complex issues facing our city (such as PG&E’s excessive electric rates).

If I am chosen to represent you for another term, we have a lot of pressing matters to address.  In a world with COVID-19 impacting our budget, we must maintain the quality of life we enjoy here in Rocklin – great parks and a safe community.  With 13,000 kids out of school this fall – the City of Rocklin should partner with parents and the school district to keep kids busy and learning.

I first moved to Placer County in 2008 and have lived in Rocklin since 2013 with my wife Colleen (10 years married) and, together, we work hard to provide for our three children (Ethan – 7; Andi – 5; and Graham 2).  A graduate of Sacramento State, California has been my home since birth.  My day job includes owning and operating a small business.

I had the honor of serving as Mayor in 2019 and have represented Rocklin residents on several local boards and commissions such as Placer County Economic Development Board, Pioneer Community Energy, Placer County Flood Control District and others.  I also serve our community as the Treasurer of the Rocklin Public Safety Foundation and a member of the Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce.  

Rocklin is a historic city that incorporated over 127 years ago.  The people that served this city in the past helped create this wonderful community we often take for granted.  I hope to honor their legacy so future residents can enjoy it for generations to come.





A Community Servant for Rocklin

I am running for re-election to the City Council because I want what you want – a community we can be proud of.  I want to go to sleep knowing my family is safe, our schools are excellent and people in our community have a place to work.

Fighting Against High Electric Rates

Let’s face it – electric rates are too expensive. As Mayor, I led a fight against PG&E, a multi-billion dollar company that keeps raising our electric rates.  As usual, PG&E will increase rates to pay for the fires they caused throughout the state – it should NOT be on the backs of Rocklin residents.  I also led the charge in oppositionto multi-million dollar rate increases by Pioneer Community Energy.

Increased Public Safety and Safer Streets

Rocklin residents move here because we are a safe community and it is a special place to raise a family or retire.  Since 2016, I have voted to increase funding for fire and police services.  I also spearheaded an effort to create a citizen’s Traffic Safety Committee to make our streets safer.

Increased Parks and Open Space

Families enjoy our parks and open spaces in Rocklin.  As our community grows, we cannot lose these natural treasurers in our backyard.  Hundreds of additional acres of open space and parks have been added to our community – including trails in Sunset Whitney Recreational Area and completed parks in Willard Park, Christine Anderson Park and Pernu Park Phase 2.

Transparency and Accessibility

Prior to joining the City Council, Rocklin was not always the most transparent or engaging city for its residents.  I worked with my colleagues to pass one of the most robust development project notification programs in the entire Sacramento region.  If something is being built in your neighborhood, you WILL know!  In addition, I worked with Councilman Ken Broadway to bring live streams of city council meetings and have also held several community coffees and town halls with residents.  You can reach me any time!

Eliminating Waste and Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility

It is important we live within our means.  I voted “no” on multi-million dollar cost overruns for Quarry Park Adventures and also against increased taxes/fees on our residents and businesses.  Our budgets are consistently balanced and we have the lowest sales tax rate in all of Placer County.  

Increased Collaboration with Schools

Many young families, mine included, move to Rocklin for the quality of our schools.  It helps maintain property values and makes us the desirable community we have today!  While the City Council does not control the school district, one of my priorities has been to ensure our district and city work collaboratively for the betterment of our residents.

A Vibrant Business Community

As a small business owner and a member of the Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce, I know how important it is to foster an environment where businesses want to create jobs for residents. One of my successfully implemented priorities was ensuring city dollars are deposited at local banks (rather than national banks) in return for an agreement that those banks would loan/grant funds of equal amounts right back into Rocklin businesses.